About us

The 100th Year Anniversary of the Torque Wrench is just around the corner and as we celebrate this ingenious mechanical instrument, another ground breaking achievement in tools and technology for assuring bolt integrity is just being launched.

The Δδ (Delta-Sigma) Instrument from Resonic Instruments is the result of 40+ years of practical & theoretical development, in combination with extensive hands-on experience in the field of ultrasonic fastener measurement. The Δδ Instrument has been developed, designed and tested by the worlds most experienced bolting Engineers for use by anybody concerned with achieving and maintaining a constant and optimised bolt elongation, ensuring that fasteners behaves as expected, maximising their service life time.

The Δδ instrument is the first and only instrument on the market which uses new display & smart technology in the form of multiple algorithmic expressions, combined with combinatorics to analyse and return secure, integral fastener data on a modern touch screen interface.

 The Delta-Sigma instrument is not a converted thickness gauge, unlike most of the other instruments on the market. It is dedicated to elongation and load measurement. This is evident by its’ state of the art, and extremely accurate, clock circuit (+/- 0,15 ns) which in itself is an achievement and important step to insure the best possible measurement -accuracy & integrity. The Instrument is simply the best innovation in the field of bolting since the introduction of the torque – wrench in the mid-1920s.